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Friday, January 10: Day 263 – Sleep

In learning about full moons, I came across a Farmer’s Almanac article that gave Native American names for each full moon. These were very interesting names. I wondered how these moons got their names.

January 10th Wolf Moon
February 9th Snow Moon
March 9th Worm Moon
April 7th Pink Moon
May 7th Flower Moon
June 5th Strawberry Moon
July 5th Buck Moon
August 3rd Sturgeon Moon
September 2nd Corn Moon
October 1st Harvest Moon
October 31st Blue Moon
November 30th Beaver Moon
December 29th Cold Moon

After a full moon party it is hard to wake up. The rest of the family arrived home around 4:30am…and then had to shower to get their paints off. So they got a few hours of sleep before a quick breakfast followed by a taxi to the airport at 9:00am.

When we arrived, we girls relaxed in the air conditioned priority lounge while the men fended for themselves.

We even were able to order off of a menu. The girls were able to order more Thai food. They can’t get enough.

Most of us dozed on the hour flight back to Bangkok. Since we were a family of six with baggage, we needed to get two taxis to get from the airport to the downtown Bangkok hotel. Rob and I had stayed in this hotel a lot so they recognized us and said, “Welcome back.”

We checked in and went straight to bed for some much needed napping.

The kids are always teaching us new things to do with our technology. Julie has an app that indicates what Disney character you resemble, etc. These are a few of our funniest examples.

This is the Disney character that Elle resembles:

This is the cat that I look like. Yikes!!

We reconvened for dinner and walked to the nearby mall to go to an all you can eat Japanese hot pot restaurant. Not only can you get great food, the steam facial is an added bonus.

We went to see takraw which is like foot volleyball since Julie, as a volleyball coach, wanted to see it. Amy wanted to see the sport played in a country where it is popular and played in local parks.

Julie took much video to show her athletes. Amy took pictures as well to show her friends. William and Elle had never heard about the sport but were amazed at their skills. It is fascinating to watch.

We stayed until 9:00 when the guards started to whistle and all the court lights turned off.

Everyone was tired and we were far from the hotel. We decided on tuk tuks, and we would need to take two. Elle was tired, William’s feet were starting to hurt, and Julie needed to get her flight home tonight. The tuk tuks can only hold four so we sent them on with Rob.

The original price was 300 Thai baht which is about $9. Rob’s counteroffer was 200. The comeback was 250. They climbed in and away they went.

Amy and I would either get another tuk tuk or walk home. I saw an empty tuk tuk about a minute later and called out “tuk tuk” in a high voice. He flipped a U and we showed him on our phone where our hotel was.

“How much?,” I asked.

He said, “100.”

I looked at Amy and we said OK in unison.

We hopped in and traveled the busy streets of Bangkok. He sling-shotted us to the front door of the hotel, and we joined the rest of the family in the elevator.

Julie is the first to go home. Our family gathering is coming to a close. Rob took Julie to the airport by taxi.

We are now a family of five since Julie had to get back to work. In fact, the University of Indianapolis will have a year-end volleyball banquet soon after she gets home.

It feels weird to travel so long but get home the same day that you left. Hopefully she will sleep during 24 hours of flight time and be able to adjust to a twelve-hour time change jet lag. The young are so resilient.

Since Julie was not staying in the hotel, Amy had invited me over for a sleepover. We braided hair, put royal jelly on our faces, and watched a quirky television show. It was originally an English show from the BBC that was translated into Thai but was about Japan. It was so funny.

The craziest part was a senior management training where middle aged men were running in concentric circles and when they approach another they were to bow without stopping. We laughed hysterically and are eager to watch this two part series in English. It was called Japan with Sue Perkins.

Mothers: Never turn down an opportunity to have a sleepover with your daughter!

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