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Wednesday, January 8: Day 261 – Foodie Birthday

Our family, of which William now belongs, always brings the birthday boy or girl breakfast in bed. William said that he would rather eat on the balcony. Done!!

Breakfast consisted of eggs over easy, ham, tropical fruits such as dragonfruit, papaya, and pineapple, toast and coffee.

Next, the massage ladies came for an hour and a half this time. Rob and I take this opportunity to rest.

Our kids decide where we will go eat our Thai food of which they cannot get enough. Sometimes it is hard to make decisions as the group gets larger. If we plan everything ahead of time, the schedule seems too rigid and we lose spontaniety. If nothing is planned, there is lots of discussion and ideas…and everyone gets hungry and much time is used.

On our travels we see these brave men working AND standing on the electric wires!! Yikes!

This is my new best friend. We walked by numerous massage places. We settled on this place and each had a foot massage.

See William in the background. They didn’t speak much English but understood that it was William’s birthday.

Supattra Thai Dining was selected by Rob as a special place to eat out for a birthday dinner experience.

The menu was base on fresh fish and seafood. It is written on a chalkboard to reflect the freshness and availability. We had a hard time choosing our dishes.

Every place that we go has unique every day items with a twist of function and art. These wooden silverware holders are funky.

The chefs are beside our table preparing our entrees. Do you see Julie peering in the window?

They bring out he dishes one by one when they are ready so each one was hot. This is fine with us as we passed the plates around to get a taste.

Here are some of the beautifully decorated foods that we not only took pictures of but we ate with gusto:

Since it was William’s birthday, the waitresses brought his mango and sticky rice dessert to him with much fanfare and sang Happy Birthday.

And wet cool scented cloths rolled up like roses to rid our hands of fish smells.

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