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Thursday, January 9: Day 262 – Full Moon Party

We had bought some quail eggs and were trying to use them up. We often make egg in bread but in this case two eggs were used.

We are trying to eat as much Thai food as possible so we took a taxi to Fisherman’s Village for a last lunch out on the beach.

And some last minute shopping. Elle found this crazy hat…she didn’t buy it, but it is sure to shield her from the sun.

The girls and William bought some bright orange fluorescent shirts to wear to tonight’s full moon party. This is one of the reasons that we stayed in Koh Samui as our daughters had heard about the full moon party and wanted to attend. It is a must attend-event when traveling to Southeast Asia.

Apparently, it all started years ago, when it was determined that this island was considered the best place to see the full moon.

The girls were used to dressing alike when they were younger so this seemed normal.

William is trying to fit in. Same same…but different.

Here is our wristband. It makes a great souvenir. It cost $3 to get into the party.

We reserved an air conditioned van to take us to the pier at 7:00pm, then a 30-minute speedboat to the island of Koh Pha Ngan and a return trip back. Boats leave every hour back to Koh Samui, and then you get queued with others back to your villa which in our case was in the back of a pickup truck!!!

Here is our before shot!

We have arrived. One walks through a small city of shops who are eager to sell the many people t-shirts and buckets of beverages.

William read that there are 50,000 people in attendance at a full moon party.

First stop was the purchase of glow-in-the-dark face and body paint.

We were on the main street and found some steps to start the painting process.

Here are some things that we learned:

White paint shows up the best.

Dots are easy to apply and hard to remove. All paint needs to be scrubbed. It doesn’t rinse off.

If you paint on the main street, you will make lots of friends…and you will be able to regift your paints.

We arrived at the music on the beach, and it registered 90dB on our Sound Meter app. Rob and I thankfully brought our ear plugs, and it was still pretty loud. My earplugs are steel industrial size and reduce the noise by 25dB which is still pretty loud.

I want to protect my hearing. I have seen the challenges of my father who needs to wear hearing aids. He is unable to talk on a phone, unable to hear an alarm clock, etc. Hearing aids amplify ALL, noises and most noise doesn’t need to be amplified. It would set anyone on edge when you hear the air conditioning fan or the ticking of a clock when you are trying to talk to your granddaughter.

Great Information on Protecting Hearing

The person who invents hearing aids that filter out everything but conversation will certainly be a millionaire.

Rob and I danced, watched crazy people limbo and jump rope with fire, and saw a fire show.

By 2:00am we had run out of things to do so we decided to catch a boat back to our villa. A quiet moonlight swim in our quiet private pool sounded much more fun. Here was our after picture.

A huge crowd of people was trying to leave at this time. There was a lot of yelling and in languages that I didn’t recognize or understand.

The boat doesn’t run strictly on the hour. We waited for 40 minutes, then barely got a seat by 2:27am. There were two lines for our boat – one on the left for VIP which who boarded first. We non-VIPers on the right were definitely second class citizens.

Rob and I didn’t get to sit together. I sat by a drunk man from Dubai who kept yelling “Leo, Leo”.

I finally asked him “Who’s Leo?” All of my questions to him were first met with “Huh?” (A recipient of loud music hearing loss.)

Leo means quickly. Good to know! He wants to go to New York City and watch the tennis US Open.

I asked, “Do you like singles or doubles?”

He replied, “Huh?”

I repeated my question.

He replied, “Yes.”

I nodded. Then I yelled and gestured to the front of the boat, “Leo, Leo” and he happily joined in.

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