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Monday, January 6: Day 259 – Relaxation

The goal for our trip with our family is rest and relaxation. Each of our children work very hard in very demanding jobs. Here they could not be physically further from their jobs as it is literally halfway around the world. 7am here is 7pm back home…and the preceding day!!

Amy fixed seven quail eggs for her breakfast.

Others had egg in bread where one cuts a hole out of the middle of a piece of bread and cooks the egg in the middle.

First to-do is a poolside massage overlooking the ocean. Here is our group witnessing the setup.

We hope that we can work out all that shoulder and back tension that comes from hours of computer work.

Here is the view of the massage that Rob and I have from the balcony.

William had ordered two tailor-made suits so the Nepalese tailors wanted to stop by for a fitting.

Now it’s time to get to the beach. Here are three bathing beauties. I am content to guard belongings and enjoy the view.

We bought some groceries. Even though most everyone wants to eat Thai food, sometimes a taste of home tastes good.

I bought a chicken. I didn’t realize that I was getting the whole chicken.

I let out quite a scream when I pulled the feet out of the cavity…and then the head flipped over!!

While it is cooking, we swam in the pool. We turned on the TV to see what was on but aren’t really able to figure out the three remotes.

It is just as well since we are able to see this instead…God’s TV.

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