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Saturday, January 4, 2020: Day 257 – Island Home

Amy and I went to the airport to retrieve the next family members, William and Elle Correll. They were arriving at 4:30am. Amy and I are Priority Pass members so we could get our jetlaggers, who had a long stopover in Beijing, to a comfortable lounge with deluxe food prior to our flight to Koh Samui. There were even massage chairs. We ALL enjoyed those!!

We met a rested Rob and Julie at the gate for our 11:30 flight to Koh Samui. Here is our transportation van from the airport to our island home.

We arrive at our VRBO called Villa Vanilla. What a jaw dropping view!

Here is our access point to the beach and public pool.

After we get settled, we decide to go to a lively part of town.

William tried coconut juice.

There are lots of trucks with megaphones advertising island activities. Here are tonight’s offerings for Thai boxing. Poor guys!

I love Elle’s shades!

William has found a place of his own.

Rob needs a haircut.

So does Amy!

I am not sure what this girl is doing?

These little girls are having a lot of fun playing with water balloons.

Time to try a banana pancake.

I asked him what I would like. He said that I would like Nutella, peanut butter and banana. He said that Amy would like Nutella and banana. He said that Rob would like coconut, banana, and honey…and he was spot on.

Watch this video on how fast he slices a banana:

We wanted to try on some handmade clothes. I asked where the dressing room was. It was basically a shower curtain in the middle of the aisle. Interesting!

We stopped by a beverage outlet to get a drink and rest our feet. I felt something crawling on my neck. I put my hand up and felt the smoothness of a beetle. I let out a scream. Everyone was alarmed. Then I remembered that I was wearing earrings. Crisis averted! Laughter replaced the screams.

We are fading fast so we took a taxi back to our island home!!

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