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Friday, January 3: Day 256 – Transportation

Julie was feeling pretty good but needed a good night’s sleep because we had big plans for her one day in Bangkok. We didn’t want to tire her out.

We started the day with a hotel breakfast. Then we took a taxi to the center of the city to go to the Mahanakhon Skywalk. We had been there previously but knew that Julie and Amy would love it.

We took the elevator to the 75th floor.

“Daddy. Help me. I’m scared!”

We are on top of the world.

Together at last!

Wow! That’s a long way down there!”

“Yes it is!!!!!!!!!!”

Time to ride in a tuk tuk.

We arrived at the pier to take a long boat. While we were out on the river, a convenience store boat pulled up alongside. We purchased Pepsis for the four of us, and the man suggested beers for the two drivers!! Drinking and driving…but they were happy. Yes, they were C-store prices but a fun experience.

We rode the Skytrain to one of the many air conditioned malls to sit and rest for a while. Here are the people that you need to give your seat to.

I saw this weird pose and wondered if I could duplicate it. What do you think?

We scheduled a four-hour motorcycle food tour that started at 6pm. It was a great way to see the city at night and experience a wide variety of foods.


And we’re off.

Everyone laughed at me because I wrapped arms around his waist and interlocked my fingers. He agreed that it was ok. I am praying to arrive at the end of this with all my appendages. We weaved through cars and I had to be aware of protruding mirrors.

The first stop was in Siam Square where we had delicious fried wings and dipping sauce. Jongkie, our fun guide, ordered it ahead of time so that it would be ready when we arrived. However, someone had taken our order. I guess the wings are just that good. We didn’t mind waiting for hot food right off the grill.

Our second stop was a charcoal-fired hot pot and a chopsticks lesson from Jongkie. The experience was fun. While we ate, our motorcycle riders waited outside for us.

Our third stop was a small place featuring food from Chang Mai, Thailand. It had a Michelin certificate…I think that is prior to getting a star.

The food and water were great.

All of the food on the tour was awesome, but each one of us raved about this place particularly.

Amy fell in love with a purple drink called butterfly pea soda.

By this time we were getting full and Jongkie had a scheduled stop at the Elephant Shrine. This is at the busiest intersection in town both above and below ground. There have been many traffic deaths here. She bought us all flowers to give to the gods.

Respectfully, we want to learn more about this place but gave her our flowers as it would mean more to her than to us.

As Christians we only have one God, and he is a jealous God. The first commandment spells that out very clearly.

You shall have no other gods before Me. You shall not make for yourself an idol, or any likeness of what is in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the water under the earth. You shall not worship them or serve them; for I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God.

This place had many people in line to whisper a wish into the ear of a mouse. The mouse tells the wish to an elephant who is draped in orange carnations. (Amy had observed a way to break through this culture by noting that Jesus is our mouse. He is our intercessor, our mediator, the only One Worthy. We pray to God in Jesus name.)

Next was the hopping night market.

We ate some fresh grilled fish. When you buy a fish, the eyes should be clear and not cloudy. Cooked fish should not have a fish flavor. This fish was the freshest!!

Jongkie offered us a pork skewer next, but we were getting so full!!

At our last stop we ended up at a bar overlooking the night market.

So many sights and sounds and aromas. It had a fun funky vibe. We got fruity drinks.

We said our goodbyes to our amazing drivers and Jongkie who had given us a special night on the town. They took us to a spot that was a straight shot back to our airport hotel.

It was an awesome day! Julie hit the bed and was fast asleep. We were all soon to follow!

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