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Friday, November 29: Day 221 – Clubbing

Here is something you don’t see every day. It is a clear night in Cambodia, and we see three planets.

Saturn in red, Venus in yellow and Jupiter in purple.

I was really in need of a haircut. I have thick straight hair so the Asian hairdressers know what they are doing when it comes to that!

Narak of Narak Inside Beauty was very meticulous. He wet my hair with a sprayer to give me a dry cut. At the end of the haircut was the shampoo. That sure got rid of all the itchy little hairs. The shampoo chairs are really layback sofas so it is very relaxing with a mini-massage at the end.

Today we take a flight from Phnom Penh to Bangkok to Luang Prabang, Laos, so there are lots of Priority Pass clubs get to food, wifi, and keep our phones charged. I asked Rob if he was going to get anything to eat while we waited for our flight in Phnom Penh. He said that he would get something at the next club. I guess that you could say that we are clubbing.

Early Friday morning is late Thursday in the USA, and our family agreed to all Skype at one time for a Thanksgiving family photo.

Amy, Elle and William are in the upper right. They are the organizers of this event. Amy flew to Richmond, Virginia, to be with family there.

Julie was spending the day at her boyfriend’s family’s house in Liberty Township, Ohio. Luke’s family even allowed her to bring her cats, Guinness and Jameson. They haven’t seen the dogs yet. She makes appetizers each year for their annual family gathering.

Next is Nathan and Donna, the expectant parents in Durham, North Carolina, who stole away from a gathering with friends to complete this unique family photo.

We are on the left while in the Phnom Penh Cambodia airport.

The time together went way too fast. We will all meet in Thailand in January, except for the expectant parents.

Before I leave Thanksgiving, I would like to say that Native American Indians are our precious indigenous minority groups. As I have been traveling the world, I have heard a lot of talk about preserving culture by supporting these people and their traditional ways. We agree that this is important.

However, when people ask us about Native American Indians and where can they go to learn from them, I am embarrassed to say that I don’t give them much thought. I plan to change that. I am challenged to be more aware and supportive.

Here is where I began:

The Man Who Saved Thanksgiving

My cursory research revealed that President Trump is an American Indian advocate and just allocated monies and departments to investigate the murders and disappearance of 5,000 Native American women EACH year. Neither do you hear about this issue nor anything positive that President Trump is doing. Why is that?

President Trump and Native America

Here is an article that gave concrete suggestions on how to help.

How to Help Native Americans

Australians are leading the way here. They have apologized for their treatment of the indigenous Aboriginals and given them honor and respect.

When we went to the Sydney Film Festival several years ago, the first thing that the emcee said was that he would like to thank the Aboriginals (He was more specific and may have even given the current leaders names) for allowing us to host this event on their lands. It is a start. I am sure that they are doing much more today.

Canadians are getting serious about this issue as well.

Now I know we can’t extrapolate our “enlightened” views of today to what were scary panic times of settlers back then, but treaties were signed and are still in effect.

I love Jamie Lee Curtis and this is a recent quote from her about seeing more women in politics but it applies here as well: “Nothing changes until something changes.”

Jamie Lee Curtis Interview

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