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Tuesday, September 10: Day 141 – Island Girl

We had the day to spend on the island. It was great to sleep late. We got up in time for lunch overlooking the water vowing to return for an afternoon swim.

But first Rob needed his climbing fix. We spotted a tower that is the highest point in the city.

Bell Tower of St. Marks Cathedral

The stairs were tight and winding but that makes it all the more adventureous. We had some great views from the top.

However, it was a shock when the bells started to ring!! We continue to practice at taking selfies but get reduced to laughter each time.

On the way down, I asked the ticket taker if the tower was built by the Venetians. Instead of a simple “No”, I got a history lesson. I have learned that there are no simple answers when you are talking about Croatian history.


The sea was cool and refreshing! Lots of little fish swimming around our ankles. My feet were not loving the rocky coast. It makes me appreciate beaches with fine sand.

Next, we strolled out from the city and got a great look back.

I LOVE this picture. Strollin’with my sweetie!

Marco Polo Museum

Marco Polo is the favorite son of Korčula. He had a Croatian mother and Venetian father. It is unclear if he was born here or grew up here or set sail from here, but he definitely spent some time in Korčula.

We went to a museum that was very informative about his life. He began his journey when he was 17 years old. He traveled 15,000 miles in 24 years. He became a trusted advisor to the Mongol leader, Kubla Khan. He brought spaghetti and gelato to Italy although some historians debate these contributions.

When he left on his journey home, Kubla Khan gave him a golden tablet to ensure safe passage and provisions. We need one of those. Do you think this reproduction might work for us?

His adventures were written down by his cell mate when he was held prisoner by the Genoans. It is the first worldwide travelogue. I am eager to read about HIS adventures.

Korčula Baroque Music Festival

We finished off a beautiful island evening by listening to baroque music at the All Saints Church built in the 15th century. It is wonderful that these beautiful quaint churches are used for intimate concerts.

What is baroque music anyway? I learned that it predates classical music. Baroque is a Portuguese word for oddly shaped pearl????

Anyway, baroque music dates from 1600-1750. It focuses on a melody line with harmonic chords with solos and uses wind and string instruments. Often a harpsichord is used.

Tonight’s trio called Musical Batavia is from the Netherlands. They will play recorders (I thought that those were only used in grade schools), violin and harpsichord or organ.

My favorite was Sonata 11 in E minor (1674) by Dietrich Becker.

We end a beautiful day with the moon reflecting on the sea.

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