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Thursday, September 5: Day 136 – Sittin’ by the Dock of the Bay

It was great to sleep late. I bought socks earlier in the trip and they shrunk so much that when I put them on, my toes would curl under. These gotta go!!

I hate to throw away perfectly good socks. There was a school nearby. School had just started and we could hear them playing in the gym. I walked right into the school. So different than American schools. No security, etc. I looked around and finally found some adults who spoke English. After explaining my quest, they agreed to take my socks with shrugs and giggles.

We had a 1€ tour of the old city at 11:30am. Rob had put the wrong address into the Google map so we missed it by 10 minutes. Plan B was to hire a private guide but it was 79€. No thanks. In many ways, I am thankful so I don’t have the write a transcript blog. I’m over it. More pictures, less words!!

Plan C is the Cat Museum, watch water polo practice, and swim in the bay.

We go to the Cat Museum as it is unique. We were underwhelmed but knew that our 2€ admission fee was used to feed street cats.

We looked at a hiking trail called the Ladder of Kotor. This one is long and difficult with 70 switchbacks so it would need some advance planning for water and supplies. It will take 5-6 hours for the 8-mile round trip so start early. If you look real close, you can see the switchbacks.

We learned about the patron saint of school girls. St. Osanna of Kotor (1493-1565) was the Mother Teresa of her day. Her relics are in a church in the old town…all except for her feet which are in Dubrovnik?

She prayed to stop plagues here and Dubrovnik. She also prayed to prevent Barbarossa from entering the city.

Gate of the River or The Northern Gate was built in the Renaissance style to preserve a memory of Kotor’s victory over famous Turkish admiral Hajrudin Barbarossa in 1539. There is an inscription above it, saying that Barbarossa besieged the town with 2,000 ships and 30,000 soldiers but still did not manage to conquer it.

We learned that Montenegro actually has two capitols. Cetinje is the Old Royal Capitol and the leader of the country resides there. Ottomans destroyed the city long ago, so it was easily accessed by invaders. Also, the location at the foot of Mount Lovćen makes the growth of Cetinje limited. Therefore, the current and functioning capitol is Podgorica.

Water polo is big in Montenegro. We stopped to watch a practice in the pool near the bay.

Ready for a sunset swim.

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