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Sunday, June 30: Day 69 – I Just Wanna Be a Sheep

We found an English-speaking church called Gospel Center-Gdansk. It was an hour walk but since we had just arrived in Gdansk, Poland, we thought that exploring this new country en route would be fun despite the hot weather.

We were greeted by the leader named Fungai from Zimbabwe. We introduced ourselves as travelers, and he gave us welcome bags full of local info and candy!!


We are many nations under one roof. We belong here together to glorify the holy and precious name of Jesus.


The service is in English but headsets offering Polish, Russian and Portuguese were available. There was a soft murmuring during the service which was real time translations taking place.


The worship team was made up of musicians, translators, and techies from Sweden, India, and Brazil.

The songs that we sang were familiar to me so I could sing with joy in my heart…this was water to quench my parched soul.

Come Now is the Time to Worship

King of My Heart (You Are Good). Bridge written by the guitartist. “It might look like I’m surrounded but I’m surrounded by you.”


Mercy is Falling This song had actions so we all sang joyfully and danced as one before the Lord.


John 10:1-19. This was the main scripture.

Matthew 4:19 Jesus called men to follow him. We, as they, are disciples.

Mark 8:34 Deny, Take up your cross, Follow

John 8:12 Follow me into the light.

John 10:27 Jesus said, “My sheep Hear, Know, & Follow”-all ACTION verbs!!

Ekekiel 34:8
“And though you were my shepherds, you didn’t search for my sheep when they were lost. You took care of yourselves and left the sheep to starve.” Not Christ. He is our Good Shepherd.

Psalm 23

Sermon by Clint Kirby:

  • Sheep are vulnerable and need constant care.
  • Sheep need to be lead.
  • Sheep always going somewhere.
  • Sheep follow the Shepherd. Our shepherd is Jesus Christ.

The word sheep is singular AND plural. We are not meant to be singular. In fact, the shepherd went to look for the one who had left the group and the watchful eye of the shepherd. It is God’s gift that we are one flock with one shepherd.

We are the sheep, not the shepherd. Sheep never need to think about where to get food, shelter, water or even direction. That is the shepherd’s responsibility.

“I am The Good Shepherd,” says Jesus. Not only is He telling us that He will take care of us, He is declaring His divinity and His authority. He will navigate us through the world into the Pasture of Heaven. He will never leave us to fend for ourselves.

We are known by Him. We are to KNOW Him not just know ABOUT Him. We are not just to know He IS Lord but know Him AS Lord. Knowledge travels from your head to your heart.

Jesus offers us the same intimacy that He has with God which is based on the joyful submission of following.

There are so many voices today.

Bad shepherds are hired hands. They are on the clock. Wolves and lions are seeking out the sheep and want to destroy them.

But the voice of Jesus rises above the rest. His voice is clear. Follow!

Stop trying to be a shepherd; just be a sheep. Joyfully submit to the Shepherd. Listen and trust and follow. He has the plan. Never stop moving!!! Follow. You are in good hands.

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