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Thursday, May 23: Day 31 – Pintxos

Bilbao is in the heart of the Basque country. They have their own language so sometimes words are in Spanish and sometimes in the Basque language that I don’t even know how to spell or pronounce. All I know if there is an x, it is associated with Basque.

Our hostel in Bilbao is in the heart of the old city called Casa Viejos. We spent the morning doing laundry where we met an English-speaking young student. We later saw her outside the famous Guggenheim Museum. (I commented how clean her clothing looked.) She told us that the famous puppy outside the museum was only scaffolding several days ago and now it has been planted with over 22,000 colorful plants.

Dogs are important here.

We saw the famous spider entitled Mamon. Can you find Rob?

Rob and I took “El Funi” to the highest point in Bilbao. Come along for a ride!

I took a 360 degree panorama of Plaza Moyua which is a large traffic circle where eight streets come together.

The Museum of Fine Arts of Bilboa was most interesting. There was free entry from 6-8pm. Each room focused on a word starting with each letter of the alphabet. The following room was C for Citizen and these are busts of famous people in the region’s history.

Other rooms might have the word Blue or the word Portrait. It was quite exciting to see what types and media of art had been chosen.

Outside this exhibit was a painting that reminded me of a painting that my mother-in-law, Carolyn Street, had created for us. Her painting is the top of a drug store. This is also the top of a building.

The night ended with joining the crowd for pintxos.

What are those?

  • Small plates like Spanish tapas
  • Displayed food to select like a Chinese Dim Sum
  • Drinking like a pub crawl
  • Loud like an outdoor concert
  • Busy like a concession stand at halftime

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