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Thursday, May 16: Day 24 – Feria Farewell

It is our last day to experience the Feria. Since it revolves around horses, we thought that we should see the Andalusian Horse Show. It is amazing what they can do.

We went out to eat and had Tocino de Ceilo. It was scrumptious.

Then it was off to people watch at the Feria. We had the best seat in the place…all were posing for pictures so we took some of our own.

If we were to describe the Feria to our family and friends, it would entail the following:

  • Dustier than a county fair
  • Larger than a state fair complete with rides, etc. all outside the main area.
  • Brighter than a tacky Christmas light show (and with more lights)
  • Casetas are like party suites at a sporting event
  • Later than the late late show – most young arrive at midnight and leave around 4.
  • Everyone attends…even your grandma
  • Dressier than prom – ladies wearing colorful flamenco dresses and men in blue suites
  • Flowers on the top of the head, and red carnations mostly found adorning the cleavage
  • Dancing-all doing the same steps. It was beautiful. I wish that we could learn.

I hope that the following pictures allow you to experience just a little bit of what it was like!Enjoy…we sure did.

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