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Thursday, May 9: Day 17 – Hi! Biscuits!

Spring is in the air. Storks have built nests on every tall pole or structure. Jacaranda trees are bursting of purple blooms. The aroma of honeysuckle is heady. Even our hostel has a hibiscus plant in bloom. Young Ellen used to greet this flower by saying, “Hi, biscuits!”

Despite wearing hats and applying sunscreen yesterday, we still got sunburned while on our deserted island. Rob’s knees are bright red. Why just the knees is a mystery. We thought it best to remain indoors today. We have seen all the sites in Faro that we intended to see.

We are long term travelers, but we are also recently retired. I asked the question: “If you were at home, what would you do today?”

Rob said, “Read a book or watch a movie”…so we headed to the library. The library was near our friends, the peacocks. We saw impressive displays of fanned colors by the peacock. What a show!

The peacock is flirting with the dowdy looking peahen. She certainly is giving him the cold wing.

Here is an orange tree in the courtyard of the library. I am not sure why it is wearing clothes. Rob said, “Maybe it is like how people dress up their dogs!”

We finished by eating at a restaurant that is run by local people called a tasca. We might call it a Mom and Pop store. This one was quite charming and served tapas.

We asked the owner/waiter what was good.

He replied, “I don’t make anything that isn’t good.”

He was right. His menu was on slate clipboards and reviews were written on napkins.

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