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Monday, May 6: Day 14 – The Odd Couple

Here is Rob’s bunk.

Here’s my bunk.

Before leaving the famous beaches and cliffs of the Algarve, we opted to get on a high-speed boat to see the beautiful golden coastline. It was exhilarating and also a bit scary at times. One woman took a look at the 47-passenger speed boat and decided she didn’t want to get on.

We wandered into a number of the caves. Somehow the captain was able to stop the nose of the boat each time a few feet from the wall, stay still for a while, and then back up.

Benagil Caves has been named as one of the top ten caves in the world and featured in National Geographic.

We stuffed our bags and left the beautiful cliffs and beaches of Albufeiria and headed by train to quaint Faro. In Faro we checked into our hostel, The Penguin. (Where do they get these names?) We packed a sack lunch and headed to a nearby garden and dined with a multitude of avian friends. One really took a shine to Rob.

I love how this man is making the most of his time – reading a newspaper and exercising at the same time. It seems that the city has installed pedals in front of many of the benches.

Maybe the USA should take a tip from Portugal and get us all moving.

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