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Sunday, May 5: Day 13 – Mothers Day in Portugal

We went to church at Riverside Church-Albufeiria. It is a sister to the International church that we attended in Lisbon. As sisters, they couldn’t be more different yet both very sincere about their time of worship.

During the service they asked all the mothers to stand. It was Portuguese Mothers Day, and they asked a child to come get a chocolate and hand it to their mother. I was included in this tradition.

This church was bilingual. The songs were simple and repetitive. First we sang in English, then we sang in Portuguese.

I have been reading about the importance of being able to hear and read the Word of God in your heart language sometimes called native language or mother tongue. I experienced this today. Most of my energy was spent on translating and filtering through pronunciations.

The children were encouraged to sing along despite not knowing the words. We all took communion then the pastor spoke Portuguese with an English interpreter following him.

The message was based on Romans 12:2…and he spoke specifically on what

Transformation IS NOT:

Being religious.

Religion and denominations are man-made and not transformative. Throw that idea away.

Leaving who you are.

If you are a musician, you are still a musician. If you are a biker, you are still a biker. God will transform you and those around you wherever you are.

Being a liar.

You can’t say I am good. I don’t kill. I don’t steal. Until you see that you are not good and you need to be rescued, you are lying to yourself.

Being an actor.

Trying to be someone that you are not. Be the same inside your house that you are outside or with your family.

Being perfect.

Admit your imperfections because it leads you to the cross.

A one day event.

Salvation is not a one and done. You sign up daily. You don’t accept this great gift and then do whatever you want.

Making you bulletproof.

It doesn’t mean that you will be free from harm or sickness, etc.

Completed alone.

Good things of God through Him and by Him. It is the result of allowing the Holy Spirit to live through you.

In society

Be the same all days of the week. If you are different, you are a liar.

On you

Paul was a committed Christian, and he could not do it. We can not live alone. We need each other.

Main Point: To be transformed is to be dependent on God, not on ourselves. He sees who we are and what we are meant to be.

Not my will, but God’s will. Amen.

Main Mission of the Church

Christian Motorcyclists Association: Their objective is to share the love of Christ and distribute Bibles at biker events. (We witnessed a string of bikers going by that lasted about 5 minutes!!)

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