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Saturday, May 4: Day 12 – Beach Day

Here is a picture of me in my Jane Hathaway travel outfit.

What would we do without shoulders?

We have arrived at Albufeiria, Portugal and decided that we had too much loot for walking or busing and used our first Uber. While waiting, I noticed that my forearm was bleeding. My backpack strap had gouged the thin skin on my arm and the aspirin that I take made it bleed profusely much to the dismay of shocked onlookers. I was able to clean it up and just then, a yellow goo fell from this tree right into the wound. What are the odds? I hope it is antibacterial or at least sterile.

I am always on the lookout for people to talk to about Jesus. Joel, our hostel greeter, certainly opened the door with his T-shirt.

I love haters.

How profound! I declared our status as Christian, and he told me that he was half Christian. I told him that that was impossible; you either are or you aren’t. It certainly was something for him to think about.

Albufeiria is kind of a cross between beautiful beaches and rowdy bars. Most of the tourists are from the U.K. We basked in the sun but didn’t go in the 61 degree water.

After looking for unusual shells, we decided to join EVERYONE in the bars to watch the soccer match. When in Rome…Newcastle was playing Liverpool, and it seemed to be an important match (or maybe they all are).

Rob and I were amused as we sat by a passionate young man who was clearly for Liverpool. His colorful vocabulary was non-stop and when they scored the winning goal, he jumped up screaming, pulled off his shirt and ran down the street.

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