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Thursday, May 2: Day 10 – Farewell to Obidos

Farewell breakfast in Obidos.

Why is there a big black log in this restaurant? Even Google didn’t have a clue.

Next the train to Evora. While we are waiting, a man started to sing and others joined in. So wonderful. I often do this, but no one joins in. Maybe I have found my tribe…but I don’t know the words!!

I have decided that the Portuguese like to party since we have come across yet another festival in Evora. This Medieval Festival was no match for the Chocolate Festival. Mead and gruel vs. chocolate – no contest. However, isn’t it true that dark chocolate was invented in medieval times, thus referred to as The Dark Ages. Rim shot!

“We are not amused,” said the hawk from the festival.

We understand that the BIGGEST festival in Portugal especially Lisbon lasts the whole month of June! The Sardine Festival. Fishermen can only catch sardines in months that don’t have an R in them…so that’s May, June, July and August to those who are calculating. Why be so cryptic? Why not say May through August or during the summer months? It must be the way of a Portugeezer! Are the Portuguese called Portugeezers? Rob said that he was a geezer!! Any relation?

By the way, those hourly bells are really charming. It seems that there are four churches who each ring one after the other has finished. Each must feel that they have the correct time. Really charming but not as much ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT. It’s payback.

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