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Sunday, April 28: Day 6 – Church Quest

Rob and I intend to worship with our Christian brothers and sisters all over the world … especially on Sunday. By the time that we finish our trip, we will have visited 52 churches all over the world. How cool is that? We Americans tend to think that we have a monopoly on the gospel but, actually, we are in the minority.

Our first opportunity is Lisbon. Of course, Portugal is predominantly Catholic so we had to do an extensive search to find an evangelical church. Rob found one that was just right but was a long metro ride a way. They boasted of being an international church and would hold its service in English as it is a common language to internationals. Ironically, they met at 6pm so we arrived after a long day of seeing the sites of Lisbon. They greeted us with much appreciated water. Our bodies and souls are thirsty.

The worshippers were mostly young. We sang songs familiar to the ones we sing in church. The sermon topic “It’s Complicated” dealt with relationships … by the Book. This week is singleness.

At any given moment, 50% of the world is single … and EVERYONE has been single or will be single during their lifetime. So this message is for all of us.

Most of us desire to be married. However, singles get all kinds of bad advice – your standards are too high, online dating, look outside your faith, etc.

Enjoy your single life. Will you let God have a voice in your singleness? Imagine if the freedom of being single was devoted to Christ.

Your identity does not change when you marry. You get your identity from Christ. Only God can change your true identity.

Devote your body to Christ.

Many people are living as married people to have the benefits of marriage. God is not in that. Some things are not described in the Bible, but God is very clear on this. If the laws of God are written on your heart, the Holy Spirit dwells in you. Obedience to God is always worth it!! And blessing often follows.

Having spiritual offspring is the most important thing that He has called us to do…married or single.

Final Point: There is no better place to be than in the center of God’s will. Amen to that!

Riverside International Church Lisbon announced that they have acquired a new and larger building closer to the city. Their excitement is evident. They are committed to the Lisbon project that assists refugees and immigrants in Lisbon.

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