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Friday, April 26: Day 4 – Hilly City

This morning we went on a free walking tour of Lisbon.  The city is more hilly than I expected.  By 2pm my Fitbit said we had walked 10,000 steps and climbed the equivalent of 42 floors.  My dogs are barking. You’ve heard the saying “what goes up must come down.” Well also “if you walk down, you have to walk back up.”

Most of the sidewalks and some streets are covered with tile and cobblestones. It is beautiful, but we wonder how long the wheels on our suitcases will last on this trip.

Along the way we tasted Ginjinha, a cherry flavored drink served in plastic communion type cups.  Our guide Ines said never to drink more than 2 cups because it is so strong. It was sweet. I thought that is tasted like cough syrup. Brenda liked it.

Next we went to the post office to mail a package. A man at the front door gave us a ticket to be in a queue for a specific window. The clerk Paolo looked at the package and said that we needed to add our name, not just list the “Street” address. He was jovial. We liked him.

In the afternoon for a while we relaxed in our hostel oasis at the train station.

Here is a photo of the sleeping quarters at the hostel.

Fado is a mournful music that originated in Portugal. We walked to a Fado restaurant in the evening, but they said our reservation had been rejected because they were full. If I could read Portuguese, I would have known that from the message on my phone. We have a confirmed reservation for tomorrow night.

As a second choice dinner we ate Pastel de Bacalhau (croquettes containing shredded codfish and Serra de Estrella cheese) and more custard tarts. I need my vegetables.

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