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Wednesday, April 24: Day 2 – We Made It

There isn’t much to say while on a flight with lots of time changes, but we saw Green Book on the plane. It was great!

We engaged our row in several games of Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Our international team was a Swiss college student, Chinese Londoner (Hi Audrey) and, of course, us. We almost won with with our comprehensive world knowledge.

Once we exited immigration at the airport, we took a metro to find our hotel. I was very aware of our American supersize large footprint on the CROWDED subway with suitcases and stuffed backpacks.

Here is the first thing that we saw when we emerged from the Metro. It gets the first impression rose!!

The time was 8am when we arrived at the hotel, and check in was 3pm. Miraculously, our room was ready!!!! It was a “Whoa Dad” hotel. “Whoa dad” is a distinction given many years ago by our daughters when a hotel not only exceeds expectations but blows you away.

Note the room numbers on the floor.

We put our bags down and walked around a lot so we would delay our sleep. I hadn’t realized that Lisbon was so hilly. We longed to return to the hotel where a king-size bed with cozy sheets awaited us. It took a while as we made lots of wrong turns. Hotel, Sweet, Hotel!! When our heads hit the pillow, we went right to sleep. And slept some more. Rob even fell asleep with his glasses on.

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