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RTW Packing – Rob

Packing for a full year overseas certainly was a challenge for me. I managed to fit everything into a small suitcase and a backpack. I switched away from a true carry on size suitcase at the last minute since I ran out of space. Also, I was packing a few items such as trekking poles that had to be checked, so why not go just a little bigger.

My clothes consist of about 5 outfits that are able to be hand washed and hung to dry overnight. Hopefully, some of the places we stay will have laundry facilities. I am wearing hiking boots and also brought sandals. Brenda is concerned about my “backpacker” attire for when we might go somewhere that people typically wear more fancy clothes.

There are many zipper and velcro pockets in the pants and shirts to hide things out of sight. A year ago I purchased 5 different security pouches to try out. I have brought one that snaps around my waist and another that hangs around my neck under my shirt.

While we brought coats, we will try to follow the warm weather, going south starting in October.

The biggest challenge is taking a year’s worth of prescription medicine. As I have aged, I tend to be using more medicines. The security check-in people unloaded my backpack to see the contents. They weren’t concerned about the types of medicines but only to make sure that everything was qualified to be taken on a plane. When we had to go through security before a second flight, I unloaded everything myself into the bins, and the process was much smoother.

Our electronic devices consist of two cell phones, a Samsung Galaxy tablet, and a kindle. The cell phones run on the Google Fi network which allows us to use our U.S. data and texting plan in about 170 countries at no extra cost. We can call through Skype and WhatsApp to avoid any phone call cost. I put our passwords in a password vault for easy access.

In addition to the prescriptions, I am carrying some over-the-counter medicines that I am brand loyal to in quantities for a year.

The final items are small flashlights, glasses, sunglasses, swimsuit, water purifier, etc.

We’ll see if I ditch any of this stuff in the next month because I get tired of carrying it.

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