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The 4Ps-Day 0

Leaving for a full year has had its challenges. People ask us how this idea began.

PREPARATION: It all started four years ago when Rob announced his retirement. We knew two things: we would move to Virginia Beach and we would travel extensively. As we thought about the move, we decided that it made more sense to put our downsized items in storage and travel first.

We sold our home, two cars, and watched the trash men take away our needed-to-be replaced king size mattress.

We took a 30-day free course from bootsnall.com concerning around the world (RTW) travel. Each day would address a specific topic such as visas or immunizations.

We downloaded apps such as Google Translate, Hostelworld, and Eurail Rail Planner.

We purchased a travel card: Chase Sapphire Reserve. Although its annual fee is pricey at $450, if you are a traveller, you easily get that back by using it for travel related purchases, access to airport lounges offering meals, showers, etc. Rob started saving up hotel awards for free nights at Holiday Inns for a good night’s sleep when we need one.

We visited all the available family and made lots of memories. We tried to see as many friends as time would allow.

PACKING: We had travel clothing already but we need to travel longer and lighter. Several purchases that I made were Pashko and Anatomie Skyler pants….very lightweight and stylish. Rob’s clothing is more outdoor backpacker. I came across a great website called Travel Fashion Girl who is a stylish minimalist international traveller.

We had intended to be carry on only but when we bought folding trekking poles, we needed to check a bag to secure our weapons!

I have a rolling suitcase with a zip off backpack. I also have a rolling backpack. Below are some sample pictures. It is helpful to take pictures of ALL contents since you will not remember what you have packed.

PRESCRIPTIONS: This has been our biggest issue. We are in good health yet old. Amassing a year long cache of pills, creams, drops, etc. has been a challenge not to mention carting it all in backpacks. We appear as if we are drug dealers and will likely raise a few TSA eyebrows. We considered having our daughter, Amy Street, be our mule.

PRAYER: Don’t leave home without it!!!

RTW PRAYER composed by Amy who prayed over us at the airport.

Dear Lord,

Thank you for blessing Mom and Dad with the able-bodiedness, financial means, and spirit to go on such a journey.

Lead them where you need them, and give them patience to recognize when to stay, when to go, and where to go.  In this sabbath season of retirement and travel, to rest and enjoy your creation.

Reveal to them your creativity in the variety of people they meet, the foods they eat, the environments they experience, and the way that unplanned trips always fill with many exciting stories.

Reveal to them your peace in the multicultural relationships they discover and form. Provide them with outlets to proclaim your name, whether that is speaking with fellow believers or those who are curious about you or don’t yet know you. Protect them and let them be met with kindness. Lead them to people of peace.

Reveal to them your patience when the train is out of tickets, and a plan B comes up. Bless the blog. May it be easy. Keep that burden light and may their posts entertain and inspire others.

Give them the wisdom to know how to lighten their load, and the physical and mental security to not worry about their belongings.

This is your earth Lord, thanks for allowing them to roam it. Guide their journey. May they praise you every day everywhere.Amen.

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