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Sentimental Journey: Day 26/27 Home Sweet Home

This is the last post of our Sentimental Journey. We have seen most the things that we set out to do to. Did we see everything? No, but we did a whole lot and had fun along the way. And shouldn’t there always be some things left undone…something to look forward to doing in the future. Stewart is a great travel buddy.

When I asked him, if he was getting tired of traveling he said, “No.” I don’t know if that is because he no longer drives so it is a real treat. Or that we get to spend uninterrupted time together to talk about things that would likely been unsaid in the busyness of life or it is just validating that time spend together is the best times of your life.

We have no regrets. All of the weird things that happen, make us laugh, cry and look for better ways to do things.

I, for one, have a whole new outlook on living life as a handicapped person. I am able to facilitate anything that Stewart’s needs to have done. However I am mysitified by the lack of foresight when it comes to making things easier to a handicapped person.

Yes, there are handicap ramps but ususally they are far from the entrance which means walking longer distances. A non-handciapped person would complain about having to enter by the trash cans and then walk up to the front door to enter and then proceed to the rest room which is on the other side of the store. We had time and we had our routine down.

As we reflect on our trip of over 6200 miles in 26 days, we have made lots of memories about which we hope that you have enjoyed reading- from car games to volleyball games, to fast foods to thai food, from stairs to ramps, from visiting with 90 year old to holding 2 year olds, we did it all.

Here is where the Sentimental Journey ends. However, there is a sequel coming in 2020 called Sentimental Journey 2.

Stewart’s motto is: Find a way it make one!! So we close with a picture of boxing. What will he do next??? Where will he go???


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