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Sentimental Journey Day 25: WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS

Stewart and I have spotted the Rocky Mountains. We are approaching the Denver International Airport where we will rendezvous with Rob. We have a free app called Life 360. It shows where participants are in real time. At first glance one might find this creepy. However, it has saved us so many times. For example, I don’t think that it is safe to talk on the phone while driving so if someone is expecting me, they don’t have to call, just look for my bubble and see how far away that I am.

Stewart’s oldest son lives in Denver. He is a doctor and is a leader in the filed of heart health. It was time for Stewart’s checkup and Rob and I wanted to get vetted before we leave on our international trip. Dr. Jeff Boone of Boone Heart Institute tested all aspects of our health. We follow his instructions to the letter as he is very knowledgeable and super smart. He gives lectures all over the world. Two of his sons work with Jeff. we went out to eat with Parker and his son, Otto. I forget how eating out is a major ordeal with little ones!!

Jeff and Otto and Parker

While in Denver, we visited his closet friend, Jim Basore, who is 10 days older than Stewart. They went to college together and have remained close friends ever since that time. Jim, 94, still plays tennis several times a week despite macular degeneration. We asked if we could pick him up and take him to the sports bar to see the championship game of Texas Tech vs. UVA. I told him that I would only take him if he promised to root for UVA. He complied. I called his son to tell him that we had kidnapped him. He said that I WON’T PAY THE RANSOM!!

Ironically, I had picked UVA and Texas Tech in the final game so either way, I was the undisputed winner of our family bracket challenge. There is no entry fee but who ever wins gets bragging rights and $10. (I have not yet seen my winnings!)

What a game…what a season…. or two.
The agony of defeat then the thrill of victory.
I am sure that they will make a movie about it. Tony Bennet told his players:
Be prepared to win.
Be prepared to lose.
Most of all, remember that it is a game.
Play and have fun!!

Coach Bennet’s pillars are:
One coach told Coach Bennet: May the light that shines in you be brighter than the light that is shining on you. AMEN!!


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