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Sentimental Journey Day 23/24: Mega birthday!!!!

As we moved in to Nebraska, Stewart and I saw lots of water and pot holes. Some of their main roads were closed. They have had a hard winter with lots of snow and lots of rain.

Stewart was the youngest with two older sisters named Dorothy and Doris. (I thought that they were twins but they were years apart!) His parents were named Otis and Nellie. Nellie’s maiden name was Stewart.  She named her son Stewart Boone. I always thought that if I had a boy that I would name him Boone. My son would be named Boone Street.  My husband Rob said that he was glad that we had all girls.

We laid our heads down in Omaha NE where Stewart’s niece, Donna Dudley,  lived. (Doris is her mother.) Donna and her husband Phil had a handicap friendly shower and very comfortable bedroom. Stewart and I always sleep in the same bed so if he needs something in the night, I can get right up an attend to it.

I was in Donna’s wedding 50 years ago. I was in the 6th grade and I got to wear panty hose. I was so honored to be a junior bridesmaid.  I was adamant that she be in my wedding some day so she was my maid of honor.

Our healthy breakfasts included homemade granola, Nellie brand eggs and toast with Blackburn brand of berry jelly.  (His oldest sister, Dorothy, married Bob Blackburn.) In the evening Phil grilled world famous steaks from Omaha… not to be confused with Omaha Steaks!!

Stewart and I had requested a game viewing for the UVA vs. Auburn basketball game. Donna and her husband Phil have three boys so they have a great set up for watching basketball.  I know why they call it March Madness since each UVA game was a nail biter and I was pulling my hair out. This one was no different. With seconds to play, it seems like the end is in sight. I laid down my head and selfishly asked God to help these young men. They have worked so hard and come so far!! A miracle in the making. We win!!!

One of my childhood friends, Annette who lived next door now lives in Omaha and she came over to see me next day. It was April 8 and that is ALL four of my daughters’ birthdays so we sang made a little song for them.

Happy birthday to you and you and you and you.
Happy birthday to you and you and you and you.
Happy birthday to Elle, Amy, Donna, Julie
Happy birthday to you and you and you and you.
…and many more, more, more, more!!!

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