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Sentimental Journey Day 19/20: On the Road Again

After a day of rest, relaxation and LAUNDRY, I picked Stewart up early since we had a hard day of travel.

Stewart was raring to go. People from Southwest Kansas are used to travelling long distances by car so it doesn’t phase Stewart and me. Rob on the other is from Virginia where everything is a one to two hour drive. I could tell that Rob was getting a little travel weary.

At my urging, Rob decided to fly to Denver and we would pick him up at the airport in four days. It was over 1200 miles and all of the stops along the way were family and friends of Stewart.

Also, Rob was feeling the pressure of getting things done in preparation for our around the world trip. Additionally, it was March Madness time and he is hopeful that his Alma Mater Virginia does better this year and was hoping to watch them win on TV.

I hustled Stewart in the front seat, threw his walker in the trunk, and jumped into the the driver’s seat.

Stewart looked at me and said, “What? No Rob?”

I responded, “Rob is no longer with us.”

“Did he die?,” inquired Stewart.

“No, of course not,” as I proceeded to explain.

And with that, we are on the road again.

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