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Sentimental Journey Day 17: April Fools in D.C.

Stewart had contributed to the construction of The Museum of the Bible. I had read that it utilized the most advanced technology of any museum in the country so it was a must-see on the journey.

We were not prepared for the TRAFFIC in D.C. After moving at a snail’s pace, we decided to listen to the suggestions of the GPS a.k.a.”Chatty Cathy”.

“If you take the next exit, you will save 4 minutes,” said Cathy.

“I am all for anything that saves time,” quipped Rob from the back seat.

As we turn around the bend, we saw the “white pointy thing” as named by my daughter and known to millions as the Washington Monument. It became obvious that Cathy was rerouting us downtown. It was the first warm nice spring day, first day of the Cherry Blossom festival, first day of spring break and rush hour.

What happens next is a series of of mishaps.

We wait at a congested intersection where a red bus full of multinational tourists had turned left but had no place to go. We were all stuck at a green light. There were lots of horns blasting, people yelling and suited men gesticulating wildly.

While we wait, a lady in an electric cart tried to cross the street with her friend who was walking with her. She ran over her friend’s foot who fell to the ground in front of the red bus. She was unable to get up. The bus driver jumped out and pulled her up my the armpits. She gave him a heartfelt hug and he returned heroically back to his bus. I why the onlooker didn’t help. He was too busy taking a video.

I am sensitive to loud noises and I found D.C. really challenging. Of course, everyone’s window is rolled down to enjoy the first rays of spring sunshine. A siren sped past my open window and most certainly caused some ear damage. An accelerating bus belched out a discussing puff in my direction. Rap music, Latino music, ?? music, etc. We beeline it out of our Capitol which we have renamed the Pot Hole Capitol.

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