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Sentimental Journey Day 16: Fast Food Fiasco

On Sunday we made a big circle to Franklin VA then to Virginia Beach VA and then back to Richmond.

In Franklin we worshiped at the church that we attended from 1982-1999. This church is where our children first learned of the love of Jesus Christ and accepted His salvation. It WAS located on High Street but has been relocated on the outskirts of town. However, it retains the name: High Street United Methodist Church. We were the recipients of an elaborate tour. The church is beautiful and is a wonderful mix of the past with stain glass windows and bell, the present with organ and full choir, and an eye to future growth with a thriving preschool. We were happy to reconnect with so many dear friends and recall good times.

We visited Joyce Pope, a long time friend of ours. Joyce was on the scene as our housekeeper when I was on bed rest while incubating our triplet daughters and she calls my oldest daughter, Ellen, her baby. Stewart was so happy to see her again that he ran up to the house without his walker.

In Virginia Beach, we stopped at our future abode, an apartment near the boardwalk called The Summer House. Rob and I had a chance to look at the different layouts and discuss our options.

Since our schedule was very fast paced, our meals needed to be quick. We passed one interesting place named “Shut Yo Mouf”. The entire name is “Mama said, “Shut Yo Mouf and Eat.”” I see why they shortened it. I would have liked to experience the Soul Food but we were on a tight schedule.

We decided to only eat at fast food restaurants. All of them we’re disappointing.

Wendy’s: Stewart’s favorite had a drivethru lane that had wrapped around the building like a snail shell so that when the customer received their order, the customer was blocked by others waiting to order. We left and called it…wait for it… ES-CAR-GO!!

Next, KFC/TACO BELL: We placed our order with a poorly groomed long-haired yet cheerful teenager and Stewart easily found a table while I got the drinks. Rob waited to pick up the food.

I noticed that one of two the drink machines had a weathered note that said Out of Order on the Pepsi spigot so I proceeded to the other machine. It was devoid if syrup as well. Stewart and Rob are cola lovers so I went back to the cheerful yet dishevelled teen to inquire about filling these cups with Pepsi from the drive thru and third machine.

“We are out of Pepsi,” he exclaimed.

“Everywhere?” I inquired.

“And Dr. Pepper, too,” he added with a smile.

After filling up our cups with Sierra Mist and delivering them to two grumpy old men, I sat down to watch the previous scene, of which I played a starring role, play over and over.

One unsuspecting man saw me giggling as the empty spigot spit out a blast of air to the point that he jumped up a foot in the air. He said that they are ALWAYS out of Pepsi…and often ice as well. We decided to be grateful for what we had.

McDonald’s: In Virginia Beach Stewart had to go to the bathroom so we chose to drive out of the way in the rain to go to McDonald’s since they have nice bathrooms. We agreed to purchase ice cream cones.

Stewart scaled the curb since the ramp was located near the street where a large rain puddle was accumulating. Fast driving cars were producing huge waves of water. After a short hike toward the door, it says: “This door is broken. Use other door.” It is still raining.

Once inside, Stewart neared the bathroom door. A man jumped up in front of him and opened the door and yelled “Everybody out. There is an old man in a wheelchair who needs to use the bathroom.”

Who does that? I imagine myself sitting on the toilet and wonder how I would react to such information!!

We decided that we would use the ladies room instead which doubled as a handicap toilet. Rob stood vigil. I held the spring-loaded handicap stall door open in order to prevent a head injury. My arm fell asleep because Dad takes at least 15 minutes buttoning, snapping, belting, etc.-ing. When we emerged, Rob announced that their cone machine was broken. We don’t feel bad about not purchasing anything.

Our group is hungry. None of us want to pick the next fast food place. We collaborate and decide to go to Cracker Barrell. The meat was awful-mostly gristle and fat. The waitress at the next table dumped a full glass of ice water on her customer. I bet that was a tiny tip.

The morale of this story is: Shut Yo Mouf!!

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