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Sentimental Journey Continued: Wanted in Virginia

Writing this blog is fun and easy. Posting is another matter altogether. We think that we have dealt with all of the bugs and are back!

Stewart and I have made it to the East Coast. We picked up my husband, Rob, in Cincinnati on the way. He finished up the sale of our house so the Street people are indeed homeless. We are staying in hotels while on this journey. When Rob and I return to Cincinnati prior to our departure, we will stay at Amy Street’s unofficial bed and breakfast. Amy is Stewart’s granddaughter and she will check in with Stewart during the next year while we are gone.

Stewart and I have been to Indianapolis where we visited another granddaughter, Julie Street. She is the defensive coach for the University of Indianapolis women’s volleyball team. They were having a preseason scrimmage with multiple teams. Stewart is one of their biggest fans and rarely missed a match in the fall. The girls are used to seeing him cheer for their team and having him stand for every match point. A bold move for his age!

During our time in the car, we listen to basketball games, tell jokes, and sing songs. Actually, “windshield time” is the best time to learn and have uninterrupted time to share ideas and recall memories.

Raleigh, North Carolina, was our next stop. We visited another granddaughter Donna Lynn Miller and her husband, Nathan. This is the epicenter of collegiate basketball. In fact, they live off of ACC Boulevard. Stewart hosts a bracket challenge each year and gives $10 to the winner. Stewart usually wins. Since Rob is a UVA grad, we root for the Virginia Cavaliers. Stewart roots for all teams from Kansas and usually catches the KU games when they are on TV.

Donna took us to a Loation restaurant in preparation for visiting SE Asia. We asked for the most traditional food. Rob took a picture of the menu… just in case Google Translate doesn’t work!! We aren’t sure that it speaks Lao.

We played the board game, Sequence, while doing much needed laundry. The hardest part of the trip for Stewart was climbing two flights of stairs to get to Donna and Nathan’s apartment. I told Stewart that I was going to enter him in to the Senior Olympics. I just checked and I am eligible!!

Donna taught me how to make kokedama while Stewart slept nearby. Kokedama is a moss ball with a plant growing out of it. We each made one and Donna will care for it until I return in a year.

We visited Stewart’s niece, Betty Highfill and her husband, Jerry. An amazing lunch of vegetable soup and salad was prepared from their impressive garden. We shared old photos and Betty had the chance to ask family questions. Stewart is the oldest living Boone relative.

Next stop: Richmond VA. We are going to a high school lacrosse game where granddaughter Kiki Boone Faircloth is an assistant coach. She was an All American lacrosse player for Denver University. Her husband, Ehret, played for Army. They just moved to Richmond several months ago. St. Catherine’s. School for girls is thrilled to have them as coaches. The Saints won 18-3 and Stewart played his trumpet at the game. His song selection? When the Saints Go Marching In.

The field was quite a drive along toll roads. We tried to move to the right for the cash lanes but were unsuccessful so we did not pay the toll. Now we are wanted in Virginia. Our life of crime continues!!!

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