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Sentimental Journey Day 6: The Skies Are Not Cloudy All Day

Stewart and I left beloved Garden City, KS. We are taking the back road to Tulsa where we will meet up with David Humpfreys who we had not been able to locate for 50 years. He was the inspiration for Project: I Care that my mother, Joyce, started when she was the sociology professor at Garden City Community College. Project: I Care paired a college student that was taking sociology with an at-risk child in the community. My mom lost track of David when he was sent away to a reform school in Topeka. He had a hard life yet he never knew that his young life story had helped thousands of local kids. We were able to locate him through Facebook. It was a tender time when Stewart and I were able to meet face to face.

En route we travelled through Byron, OK which was stomping grounds for Stewart’s kinfolks. There was not a cloud in the sky. The road was long and straight and one can see forever. It makes it easy to pass cars on the two way traffic roads. I started to count the cars that were coming toward me. Two cars a minute soon became one car a minute, then one car every two minutes. Then we got to Byron which is basically a wide spot in the road now. The Byron-Amorita Cemetery is located down a dirt road. However, we need to find a restroom first. There is only one roadside building. It is called B&R’s Lunchspot. Unfortunately, it was closed because it is well past lunchtime. It isn’t like Stewart can go along the roadside. It is an 15 minute ordeal complete with walker. We see an angel who we learn is named Robbie. We asked if there was any place it town that we could use the bathroom. She said,”Come on in. You can use my bathroom. I will open up for you.” That is Kansas hospitality.

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