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Sentimental Journey Day 2: Wanted in Kansas

Stewart and I arrived in an ultra small town of Inman, KS on a Saturday afternoon in search of my most favorite teacher, Ralph Vogel. The village appeared to be deserted. I tried the door of the local museum. It opened. Surely, the occupant would know him or of him. I hear voices in the way back and I enter a room ironically entitled “Ralph Vogel Room”. I follow the voices to see a tour being lead by the legend himself. Reunion!!!

We reach our destination of Garden City, KS complete with a windshield covered with bug remnants. A true Kansan will comment that the bug “doesn’t have the guts to do that again”! I fill up with gas that gives a reduced gas price for the purchase of car wash. I plug my code in a drive through unmanned car wash…and forgot to pay the remainder. It only ran for 5 seconds but it was just enough to get the windshield clean.

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