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Sentimental Journey Day 1: Wanted in Indiana

We were to leave Ohio at 9:00am. My road trip buddy, Stewart Boone, was still in bed. (His wife of 67 years would say to always add 2 hours for an ETD. ) Dead on. We left at 11:00. After playing Name that Tune by singing to each other, we stopped in Indiana to get slushies. I had queued up a Garden City friends contact information but had to put my phone away in my bra since my comfy sweat pants didn’t have pockets. Midway through my slushie retrieval, I heard my friends voice say “Hello, Brenda.” Apparently, it was a cleavage call. I collected myself, my slushie, visited with my friend, and rejoined Stewart in the car. I was in Illinois when I realized that I had not paid. We have named our duo Velma and Louis. Wanted and on the run.

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