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Wednesday, December 18: Day 240 – Artistic Ethnics

Ock Pop Tok is a living artist center where one can take classes from ethnic minorities and learn the traditional ways of weaving…

Dyeing fabric with indigo and making patterns. Here are the racks used for dyeing the fabric.

The classes looked very involved and quite expensive. We opted instead for eating traditionally prepared food at the Silk Road Cafe. I had the famous bamboo soup which boasted ingredients that were once transported on the Silk Road.

As usual, the view of the Mekong was breathtaking.

The entire facility is so creative. Here is a colorful rack found in the bathroom. The scarf is a painting on the wall.

After our English class today, we were offered a ride back to town. This is greatly appreciated as it is a 35-minute walk in the dark on busy roads. Also, we are hungry and looking for a place to eat. The town seems to shut down early.

There are two monk runs by a 20-year-old Lao truck driver named Bob. The truck is packed and resembling a pumpkin harvest.

We wait for the second run which we have lovingly dubbed “the monk mobile”. I sit in the front with the driver, Bob, because a monk can’t touch a woman. Rob sits in the pumpkin patch.

We visit with any monks who want to continue practicing their English. Most people shake their heads and turn away. Two young men decided to try.

Here is an interesting article that Rob found about monks in Luang Prabang and especially when they leave the temple.

Monks in Luang Prabang

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