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Saturday, December 14: Day 236 – I’m Sick.

My bed is very comfortable, and I sleep a lot. In between naps I watched the television.

Here are the movies that I watched:

From Cradle to Grave French whodunit with subtitles

Mary Poppins Returns musical

Mile 22 fast action espionage

Johnny English Reborn comedy detective like Pink Panther

TV Shows

CNN report on basketball in Gabon

You Are My Fantasy silly Thai dating game where girls caress a blindfolded young man. (They may have been chosen at random from screaming teenage girls in the studio audience.) He chooses one, and they fly off on a fantasy date. I didn’t stayed tuned to see the predictable outcome.

Ping pong at the Asia games in the Philippines. How do they play so fast???

Two obese ladies dressed in pajamas trying to push each other down… Lady Sumo??

Rob still needs to get out and eat, and he thought the fresh air and good food would be just what the doctor ordered.

I really don’t like to go out in public. I look like the abominable snowman and everyone else looks like they are…well and normal. I feel like I should have something like this:

Rob takes me to a place that is a highly-rated restaurant with soup such as sour chicken soup with acacia leaves, sour Mekong fish soup with acacia leaves, betel leaf soup with diced beef, clear soup with diced pork and cabbage, or pumpkin soup cooked with coconut milk. I get fried noodles. The foreign smells don’t sit well with me right now.

We met a couple from England named Jeremy and Sue. We traded traveling stories and advice (well, the three of them since my voice is like a whisper).

I was able to ask a burning question to a Brit since my TV has been giving me election results about Brexit. Who is the happy costumed guy in the back?

It is a representative of the Monster Raving Loony Party founded by Screamin’ Lord Such. The party always gets a few votes but will never win. It is more of a protest, but at least he gets to stand on the podium and give remarks of concession.

This reminds me of my high school days when my Boston Terrier, Musket, would get several votes for student council president (yes, she was smart and a leader) and even, for homecoming queen (yes, her beauty was legendary).

A young boy came up to me, and I could tell that he wanted to practice English. In order to avert him from this nasty cold, I said, “I’m sick.”

He said, “Hi, I’m Puyang.” I went with it and we had a short conversation. All of the Lao names have a special meaning.

My Lao name is Sick.

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