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Wednesday, October 2: Day 163 – Amusements

Today was a travel day so I posted pictures that amused me. I hope that you are amused as well.

I can never get away from bears…they are everywhere…even ones made of glass in art museums!

Now this is merchandising!! Every square inch is utilized. The shelves look like they are bowing.

Heart Art – Hmmm not sure what the artist is trying to say here!

Nap Zone at the airport. Sadly, the couches are too close together so one gets bumped a lot.

The Priority Pass lounge has just opened at the brand new Istanbul Airport. We were treated royally. Buffets, Turkish tea and even a free massage…but we didn’t have enough time for the latter.

I thought that this must have been the inspiration for The Lady and the Tramp.

This traditional bean soup from Romania is served in a cylindrical bread bowl. It was hot and delicious.

A hanging hamburger is all that this restaurant needed to advertise!

I love this contemporary salt and pepper shaker. Before use…

And after!

Creative Art inspired by gardening pots. What a cute couple! They remind me of Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head. Would this be Mr. and Mrs. Pot Head??

Here is one of their friends!

We needed to buy some laundry soap at the market. We were told only to use the capsules. We sure hated to buy a whole box. However, when we asked about laundry detergent, she said, “How many do you need?”

“Uhhh! One.” Apparently, they sell them individually.

Have you ever heard of Pax Romana? Well, this is a mailbox called Posta Romana!

Some people ignore signs!

This worker is cleaning up around the fountain with his heavy duty sweeper. I think that he took out a few unhappy tourists!

Check out these heels and boots!

Mosquitoes love me. I wonder what I will look like after spending three months in Southeast Asia…and, yes, I have malaria pills.

I have heard of drinking under the table but praying under the table? This is a first.

This is a funny picture from Ohio. I am not homesick (except for spending time with my daughters, sons-in-law and my Dad) but this picture makes me smile!! And laugh and remember the day that Amy and I traveled here! It is an office building shaped like a basket. I think that it would be fun to have an office here.

And, as I said at the beginning, these bears are EVERYWHERE!!

While waiting almost seven hours for our plane to Aqaba, we got aquainted with Adeeb Agha. He had been to Turkey in order to get hair transplants. He can’t put a hat on. He carries an umbrella because his head can’t get sun or rain on it for 6 months. No shampooing either. He liked my thick hair and Rob’s hair, too. He could not believe that Rob used to shave it all off.

Adeeb called his family. He has 3 brothers and 5 sisters. I spoke English with his sisters’ daughters. They were cooking dinner for their father who gets home from work at 1 am. He works in a small shop making juice.

Adeeb wanted us to come for breakfast in the morning. They are going to teach me how to make hummus. Yummus!! We spoke for a long time and had fun using Google translate.

Soon it was time to board the airplane. I scooted through but Rob was detained. They were very curious about all his medicines. Three men were picking up each bottle and asking the name of each medicine and what was their purpose. Rob carries a lot of medicines. After about five bottles and getting a little too personal, they waved him on.

After boarding we waited a long time for late planes. Once we were ready for takeoff, there was a shrill unsettling sound coming from the exit window behind my ear as we accelerated. I guess they would not know about it since they aren’t in the cabin during takeoff. The same frightening noise occured upon landing.

We arrived after midnight. Adeeb had a huge heavy suitcase that was shrink wrapped. The officials asked to see the contents. Yikes! Who has something sharp to cut it away??? I helped him by using the plug end of my phone charger!!

“What have you got in there, anyway?”

“Gifts for my family.”

“How much family?”


Tomorrow should be a party!!

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