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Tuesday, June 18: Day 57 – Walking With the Cows

Several years ago, my neice, Kiki Faircloth, and nephew, Parker Boone, travelled to Pamplona, Spain to “Run with the Bulls”.

Rob and I have our own version that we shall call “Walking with The Cows”.

Each summer, these cow march up to the grass hills from the valleys below where they have spent the winter eating hay. In the late fall, their return is marked with flower-decorated horns. This is a 2-hour walk and the huge cow bells are placed around their necks for this special event. We are fortunate to witness this event as it had been delayed a week due to the rain.

We left Wengen VERY slowly. We packed our bags and just sat out on the balcony to enjoy The Great Outdoors one last time. We heard the unmistakable call of a cuckoo. An old Swiss saying says when you hear the first cuckoo of the season to touch coins in your pockets for prosperity in the coming year.

I have learned to love all types of weather. In Jordan, the quenching rain is preferred to the scorching sunshine. They said that if it rains on your wedding day, your marriage has a special blessing. How different from the USA!

The West doesn’t think rain is good weather but we pray for rain in times of drought. Other times, we pray that it doesn’t rain if we are going to go to a baseball game or a picnic. Sometimes I think that God must say: Make up your mind. Fortunately He has promised to give us what we need.

We thank God for his wonderful gift of sunshine today.

We boarded several trains as we now head to Stausborg, France where we had planned to attend the weeklong Refugee Food Festival which culminates with World Refugee Day on June 20.

The Bible tells us from Genesis to Revelation that we are to be a blessings to all nations. And that blessing is to go and tell about the great love of God that arranged for Jesus to take on the punishment for sin meant for us and all mankind. Acceptance of that gift makes you a servant of Christ. As an individual and as a nation, we have failed to go to the ends of the earth to share this good news. God’s intentions WILL be carried out. If we won’t go into all the world, He will bring the world to us.

Refugees intend to return to their homeland. We have the opportunity to have them take the gospel back with them. Rise up, church!

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