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Monday, June 17: Day 56 – The First Shall Be Last

We went to see Trummelbach Falls which is a massive waterfall system. It is known as the only glacial underground waterfall that people are able to visit. The noise is deafening since the waterfall is inside the mountain.

On our way back to the bus, we kept hearing thunder … or so we thought. An English speaking tourist told us that it was the glacier breaking apart and the noise was echoing through the canyon and bouncing off the mountainsides!! WOW! I think that it is called White Thunder.

The weather was beautiful today. Not a cloud in the sky. We rode up the lift again to Mannlichen since this day there will be no fog. On a clear day, one can get a picture of all three famous peaks: (from left to right) Eiger, Monch, Jungfrau.

Rob started calling these “The Triplets”. We have triplet daughters. Who knows? If Rob had been here prior to the birth of our beautiful daughters, he might have wanted to name them after these Alps.

From Kleine Scheidegg we hiked up to the glacier past a beautiful man-made lake. We continued to Restaurant Eigergletscher. At first, I thought that they might have a Cincinnati favorite.

What a view!

We sat outside and I had Macaroni Alpen-style with ham, bacon, potatoes, grilled onions with cheese melted on top of macaroni. Rob ordered spaghetti. As usual, Rob sits in spots that amuse me and I can’t help but take a picture.

Rob had bought Jungfrau passes for 6 days. A Eurail Pass isn’t accepted in the mountains of Switzerland. It was very pricey but worth it. However, Rob wanted to get more value out of it by seeing as much as possible via trains and cable cars on our final day in Switzerland. (Also, this made me very happy as it minimized the hiking. There are ski clubs here called Down Hill Only (DHO). I plan to start my own hiking club called UHOANVF (Up Hill Only And Not Very Far).

We took two trains to Grindelwald. (This was much preferred to hiking down and only took about one hour.) Even experienced hikers usually hike up and ride down. Hiking surely is the National Sport of Switzerland. The question isn’t “do you hike?” but “where do you hike?” The Swiss have weather apps, trail apps, and even know about possible trail closures.

We arrived at Grindelwald in the late afternoon and took a free cable car that went up, up, up for 25 minutes. We saw the usual cows, hikers, and scenery but this time, we saw mountain bikes. It looked like a lot of fun. These bikes have brakes and no pedals that you ride downhill only. (I would join THIS DHO Club)

The cable car was glass enclosed and it felt like we were cooking in an oven.

The last stop is called First. It is here that you go on a death defying walk on the edge of the cliffs.

God was very near me and calmed my fears.

I took a picture of Rob. Can you find him?

At the very end of the skywalk, you can go out over the mountain…if you dare…and we did.

Rob had the wherewithall to take a picture of these rare parallel water falls called the Bachlager Waterfalls. The water runs all the way to the North Sea 750 miles away.

Rob reminded me that all these experiences were previously paid for with our Jungfrau pass. Yes, it truly was a CHEAP thrill…but worth millions $$$ in memories.

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