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Saturday, June 8 : Day 47 – Alps Man

The weather forecast says that there will be rain for 10 days starting Sunday. So this is our last outdoor day. We tried to pack in as many lake-related outdoor activities as possible.

We learned that there was a triathlon this weekend called Alps Man (I want to get Rob a t-shirt) so we are having our own triathlon of biking, swimming and… paddleboating? Our triathlon is more qualitative and leisurely than quantitative and competitive.


We rented bikes. The bicycle man asked what type of bikes we wanted. After a lot of stammering, he offered these over here were the most comfortable. Yes, that’s what we want.

The bikes came with helmets (the serious bikers wear them but the casual biker does not), lock, and an air canister if you get a flat. (Yikes! Is that a possibility?)

The bicycle man told us about the easy bike path around the lake. Yes, that’s what we want.

We biked for about an hour and got about 1/3 of the way around the lake. We decided to turn back in order to “participate” in our other two events.

I passed Rob more times than he passed me (mainly because I left my phone at the apartment and had Rob stop to take pictures) so I won this event. Brenda:1 Rob:0

Swimming aka Wading

It was very crowded along the lake where there were designated swimming areas. Most people were sunbathing. I elected Rob to discern the water temperature. He confirmed that it was cold. He got in to about his knees; I only got in to my ankles. Rob is the undisputed winner of this event. Brenda:1 Rob:1

Don’t you love Rob’s party hat?

Paddleboating aka Eating a Snack While Out on the Lake

It is a hotly contested final event. We left the dock at the same time, ate apples and cookies with lightning speed and considered ramming other boaters, then headed back to shore. I was the first one out of the boat but had tied my pack to the boat so we finished in a dead heat. Brenda: 1.5. Rob: 1.5

To the victors/tie-ers go the spoils: Let Them Eat Ice Cream!! Glaciers des Alpes always has a LONG line. It has been in business for 45 years and the ice cream is made on site. One of their signatures is to give you your scoop of choice and top it off with a small scoop the size of a melon baller of the one that you ALMOST asked for. I got Pistachio with a “dollop” of lavender. Rob got blackberry with a “dollop” of strawberry. Both were given to us in Olympic torch shaped cones.

How did they know???

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