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Friday, June 7: Day 46 – The Great Outdoors

Annecy is an outdoor paradise. You can’t help but be active and outdoors. As a result, most people are trim and fit. Even the school field trips focus on fitness and the beauty of the outdoors. These kids are learning to kayak.

Outdoor Activities Observed

  • Paddle Boards – standing up on one of these takes a lot of balance.
  • Waterskiing – only in designated areas. This was at the far side of the lake.
  • Paddle Boats – they always look more fun when you watch them than when you are in them pedalling and steering without making much progress.
  • Hiking – I really blend in with my backpack and trekking poles.
  • Biking – racers, tandem and comfort bikes. We chose the latter!
  • Canoeing/Kayaking
  • Scuba Diving
  • Fishing
  • Sailing
  • Gliding – parachuters were launching from the top of the Alps
  • Catamaraning (Is that even a word?)
  • Picnicing – families, friends, lovers
  • Volleyball – sand and grass
  • Tennis – mostly clay courts like the French Open
  • Swimming – pools and in the lake
  • Sunbathing – yes, there were a few topless women, but I can only assume that they are getting a large dose of vitamin D because their physiques were not attractive.
  • Birdwatching – mergansers, grebes and, of course, the majestic swans
  • Badminton
  • Rock Climbing
  • Camping – I wonder where they store their RVs and tents?
  • Motorcycling – Rob and I have a licenses from a weekend certification course but will NEVER use them.
  • Skateboarding – foot, electric or dog powered.
  • Inline skates
  • Scooters – manpower or electric
  • Segways

And this is all that I saw around the lake in one day!!!

We went hiking before we settled in for a picnic in the park.

French Haircut (very detailed)

Once we decided to take this yearlong adventure, I started to make a plan of action regarding my hair. Here is what I knew:

  1. You are a loyal customer since your hairdresser learns how your hair behaves. I would not be able to return to anyone who does my hair.
  2. Hair color matching is an art in itself. I would not be able to color my hair on the trip.
  3. Highlighting helps to give depth and interest after you have colored it all one shade. I would not be highlighting my hair.
  4. Hair care involves shampoos and conditioners. I would not be able to bring these large and often expensive items.
  5. Hair styling involves blow dryers and round brushes, mousse, gels and sprays. These items can’t come either.

So about one year ago, I decided to go gray. First, it was a short haircut so I didn’t have a “road of gray” also called a “skunk stripe”. There is about an inch of gray hidden in this haircut.

Once I had a good amount of gray, I went very short and spikey. This was fun and looked great, but my ears were always cold!! I also added some cat eye glasses as contact-wearing is over due to blepharitis, or dry eye.

Lastly, I was in “grow it out” mode and once I had some length, I got a loose perm (much to the sadness of my hairdresser who wanted it to be tight.)

Today, I had my first haircut on the road. Laura of Zepanek Coiffeurs gave me a wonderful haircut. (She was actually already booked but wanted to practice her English so she moved out a previously scheduled client.)

Laura thinks Americans are friendly. She lived in Washington, DC, for a year while her father, a cardiologist, learned better techniques. Her father encourages his children to learn English.

I told her about my brother, Dr. Jeff Boone. He is a preventative heart disease doctor. He is an excellent and entertaining speaker and gives speeches all over the world. Dr. Boone believes that no one should ever die of a heart attack. You can see some of his speeches online.

Boone Heart Institute in Denver, CO

Laura put a weighted rubberized mat around my neck to keep the hair from getting in my shirt. (It felt like the vest that they put on you when you get an x-ray at the dentist.) She cut my hair dry. Then I was shampooed with a purple shampoo which is a must for gray hair.

Then a unique styling technique where dripping wet hair is squeezed free of water. (No rubbing back and forth to dry.) Then squeezed and lifted with a towel all the while scrunching it upward. Now just let it dry and don’t touch it.


All fixed up AND I have a place to go. Rob found an a capella vocal concert performed in the historic castle called Chateau d’Annecy. Additionally, there was a performance of a sonata by flute and piano that I really enjoyed as I have played both instruments.

Music certainly is the universal language – understood by all.

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