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Saturday, June 1: Day 40 – To Market We Go

We started early to visit the largest market in Provence. This happens every Saturday in Arles. Here is a picture of the cheesemaker. We bought normal cheese, but he said Americans usually buy the colored cheeses that you see in the foreground.

Here is a pictograph of what we purchased for our picnic in the park.


In the afternoon, we took a train to nearby Avignon to see the GIANT Papal Palace. (This is the opposite of minimalism.)

In a nutshell and according to my understanding, this Papal Palace was constructed because the King of France thought that there should be French popes so the entire Catholic leadership including several French Popes lived in Avignon for about 65 years before returning to Rome.

We were given these unique tablets. You would go to a numbered spot in the room and hover the tablet over that spot.

It would then show you and tell you what the room looked like in the 14th century. This technology was fascinating. Young children were better at figuring out how to use it than we were.

One of the features is making a Hist-o-me. Your face is superimposed onto an historic character and then it is emailed to you. Here is Rob blessing you. (He thought that he was posing as a knight, but he is an angry pope instead.)

There is a famous children’s song called Sur Le Pont d’Avignon. It is about dancing on the famous Pont d’Avignon. We went to this bridge and danced. This was no easy task as I YouTubed the song on my cell phone and Rob videoed our moves. If you are interested in learning about this song and the dance, YouTube “On the Bridge of Avignon”. There are many versions much better than ours.

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