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Friday, May 31: Day 39 – Four Works of Art

We took an art tour of Arles (pronounced Arl although when I say it, it sounds like a pirate greeting). It’s most famous resident was the artist, Vincent Van Gogh.

Rob cut his ear while shaving and it bled for a while…is that a Freudian slip or Van Goghian slip???

At each site where Van Gogh painted a scene, a reproduction of that painting is posted. All four of my daughters are amazing artists and, the following four sites reminded me of them.

Le Jardin de la Maison de Sante a Arles

This cheerful painting reminds me of my daughter, Donna. She has always used her hands to create beauty whether it is skillful drawing, setting a volleyball, or designing gardens. She would enjoy painting in this gentle garden setting and using the vibrant floral colors.

Donna (Street) Miller

Le Cafe Le Soir

This amazing painting reminds me of my daughter, Amy. She is an adventurous world traveler who frequents cafes. I imagine her working a canvas amongst all the onlookers and recreating this scene.

Amy Street

La Nuite Etoilee

This dreamy painting reminds me of my blue-eyed daughter, Elle. The painting is full of beautiful blues of the sky and water found only at night. It is said that Van Gogh placed candles on his head in order to see what he was painting. Elle also uses innovative art skills in designing graphics for Buskey Cider.

Elle (Street) Correll

La Maison Jaune

This painting is full of energy and reminds me of my daughter, Julie. Her favorite color as a child was yellow. Van Gogh lived in a yellow house. She speaks French, studied in Paris, and is an incredible pastry artist. She has made realistic cakes shaped like a graduation cap and a tennis ball. Her creations are truly works of art.

Julie Street

Now that I have told you about four works of art, guess which four of the above eight photos are my favorite works of art??? The best art reminds you of something or someone.

Once I was asked if I was artistic like my daughters. My response: I give birth to artists!!

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