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Tuesday, May 7: Day 15 – Dem Bones

After our “free” tour in Evora, we started to look around for a DIY tour of Faro. I am considering starting my own business!

Anyway, I found an app called GPSmycity. We typed in the name of our city, and we received all kinds of information from sights to restaurants. Rob and I went to all of the locations listed, and we learned a lot about Faro.

Our favorite place was a church called Igreja de Sao Pedro. Rob took this stunning panorama shot.

When the Age of Liberalism occurred and the religious orders and convents were abolished, altarpieces were put along the side walls making beautiful chapels. Also, there is a baroque organ that was suspended over the pews in the balcony.

I would have enjoyed a concert. Maybe they could play this piece.

It is curious that all the notes are black and square, with no whole notes, etc. (My guide did not explain this so further research is needed.)

The spring is nesting season, and we were told to keep our eyes peeled for the stork. How could you miss them! Their nests are HUGE and on top of all of the important buildings.

The storks had a great view and ours was even better from the Cathedral of Faro!

Lastly, we saw the Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Carmo. What was remarkable about it is that they were restoring the inside. Not exactly the type of noise that you expect to hear!!

At the back of the church was the Capela de Ossos. This was a collection of the bones of 1,245 monks, mostly skulls and leg bones. There are several of these in Portugal and began when cemeteries were relocated for other church construction. The monks and the church put their stamp of approval on this practice as it was to serve as a reminder that life is fleeting. The entrance inscription says: “Stop here and think of the fate that will befall you.” So creepy yet true.

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